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The German National Network (EMYF)

Euro-Med Youth Federation is an international youth network seeking to build a "network of networks" and to foster cooperation between youth organizations and informal groups from all the Euro-Mediterranean countries.

Each National Network is coordinated by a focal point institution called Head of Network that works to:

  1. Facilitate consultation and mobilization of partnerships inside the National Network
  2. Contribute to the development and implementation of Common Actions between member organizations and across Networks
  3. Involve its members in the Euro-Med Youth Federation’s programs and projects
  4. Ensure coordination between the heads of National Networks in all the Euro-Mediterranean countries
  5. Strengthen the cooperation between the Heads of Network and the EMYF secretariat


As the head of the German National Network of the Euro-Med Youth Federation, WASLA offers a wide range of benefits, from broadening knowledge, to getting inspired from others’ experience, challenging the status quo and enabling creativity/ innovation.



Membership process at a glance

WASLA welcomes youth organizations and informal groups based in Germany to join the German National Network of the EMYF.



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