Berlin Women Leadership Alliance Club


WASLA is gathering the successful stories of the Arab women in Europe and offers them membership of Berlin Women Leadership Alliance Club.




  • Empower Arab women in Europe
  • Build a strong network of successful Arab women in Europe
  • Share experience and create new opportunities for women
  • Offer technical support to women’s new ideas and projects


WASLA is planning to publish a book containing stories of successful Arab women in Europe in the framework of the World Women Day every 2 years.

Berlin Women Leadership Alliance Club’s membership is free of charge.


How does the program work?

Women can apply directly via the application form below.

NGOs, universities, organizations can nominate women who have the required profile at any time during the year.



  1. To be aged 18+ (without age limit)
  2. To be a woman with Arabic background
  3. To live in Germany or in one of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe
  4. To have remarkable achievement in any field of work


There are no fixed dates to apply. You can find the application form to apply below.

Shortlisted applicants and nominees will be invited for an interview with the program coordinator.


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