Socio-political participation foster integration

Do you want play an active part in formulating tomorrow’s politics?

Are you interested to actively influence the political agenda?

Do you believe civic engagement matters?


If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, We Are One is what you are looking for.


We Are One is designed to connect German citizens with an immigrant background with political parties and institutions.


The main goals are:

  1. to support the socio-political integration of immigrants
  2. to foster political participation of immigrants
  3. to encourage first/ second/ third generations of immigrants to take an active part in the decisions that impacts their lives
  4. to encourage first, second and third generations of immigrants to take an active part in the decisions that impacts their lives

Political parties and institutions will have the opportunity to expand their network of supporters and interns, as well as actively engage them in the decision making process.


We Are One is free of charge.



How does the program work?

WASLA will send a monthly Newsletter listing all internship opportunities available to all registered interns. The Newsletter will include all nessesary information regarding the internship - name of the political party/ institution, required qualitfications, tasks, duration, location, etc. Then, all registered interns will select the suitable internship for them from the list.

Interns will be invited for interview before starting the on-site or online internship. They will also be asked to fill in a questionnaire to evaluate their internship and share their experience.


How to recruit interns?

Political parties and institutions can express their interest for recruiting interns by filling in the Political Parties Application form listed below.


How to get in touch with political parties and institutions?

German citizens aged 18+ interested to closely work with political parties or institutions can apply by filling in the Interns Application form listed below.



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